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The number of groups searching for canditates to new positions is increasing Geivex will freely publicite any job offers coming from groups members Detailed offers are listed in this link...

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Download (PDF, 424KB) During the General Assembly of GEIVEX in Barcelona (May, 6th, 2018) new GEIVEX Board members were accepted. In the incoming months, Hector Peinado will substitute Antonio Marcilla as Treasurer, while Mar Vales will substitute María Yañez-Mó as Secretary. Other changes will take place in a step-wise...

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REDIEX: GEIVEX-based network of excellence by MINECO

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Recently, the Spanish ministry of Economics (MINECO) published the list of selected networks within the CALL for dynamic actions “networks of excellence” of the STATE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE PROGRAMME (AYUDAS PRESELECCIONADAS CONVOCATORIA 2015 ACCIONES DE DINAMIZACIÓN “REDES DE EXCELENCIA”). in this list. the REDIEX network (Geivex-based network)...

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