Practical Course Bioinformatic Tools to study EVs

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Dear GEIVEX members, we are glad to announce the second GEIVEX/REDIEX workshop that will take place in Derio next November. Please find attached the planned program of this terrific hands-on workshop. Due to the characteristics of the workshop we can only accomodate 10 participants from GEIVEX. If you want...

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GEIVEX groups publish a semi-quantitative method for EVs

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Geivex group lidered by María Yañez (UAM-Madrid) and Francesc Borràs (IGTP-Badalona) recently published a manuscript showing a new approach to semi-quantify EV samples based in flow cytometry. Importantly, the first author of the study, Henar Suarez, from Dr. Yañez’s lab, was granted a fellowship from GEIVEX to perform these...

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BARCELONA will hold the 2018′ ISEV MEETING

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The 2018′ ISEV annual meeting will be celebrated in Barcelona from 2nd to 6th of May 2018 IMPORTANTLY, GEIVEX MEMBERS WILL HAVE SPECIAL PRICE AT REGISTRATION. For update information, follow the link to ISEV2018 BARCELONA Remember to Save the Date! 2-6 May 2018 Barcelona, Spain Palau de Congressos de...

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